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What do I do?

I left my bank job in 1999 and I bet since then people have been asking… “just what does Paul do?”

About 2 years ago I put a post on Facebook asking that very same question and reading the answers that came in was fascinating.

In 1999 I entered the world of Network Marketing (MLM) and started what would be a 15 year career.

Many people do not really know what MLM is and what does it mean to be a distributor.

I guess people probably thought I was a pyramid salesman or something of the like.

It’s been fed back to me that people have often asked… “How come Paul doesn’t work?”

I smile when I hear this and feel like calling them to share how I probably work ten times harder then they do. However instead of going to work, I work from my purpose built home office (pictured).

I choose to work with who I want to, when I want and how I want.

When I first met Jo, she asked me what I do, and to be fair I struggled telling her in a way that was really clear.

I guess being a home based distributor of a global direct sales company is not as clear an answer as you might expect.

If memory serves me, I remember saying I was like an Avon rep, but with a different company 🙂

So that was my MLM career. A career where I was a distributor, a company owner, a corporate Director and then back to distributor.

A career which saw me earn a 7 figure income by helping others achieve success.

A career in which I travelled the world, helped thousands of people, had amazing experiences and made many friendships along the way.

But now I have a different career.

In 2010 my friend asked me to help him set up a Franchise Division for his travel agency. It was an idea he had just had, and he needed someone to build the business with him. My track record in recruitment, training and business was there for him to see and so we started to build what has today become one of the success stories of the UK travel industry.

The first couple of years I did this whilst still being involved in MLM until such a time as I could really see the potential of what we were building and what we could do together.

This led me to the major decision to give up my 15 year MLM career and what was at the time a five figure monthly income – to focus full time on building The Travel Franchise.

Having tasted success in others people’s businesses this was different. This was a business which we had started and built with our own hands.

This was a business which was completely our intellectual property. Our idea’s, our making.

  • Today we have over 250 franchisee’s and that figure will rise to 750 over the next few years.
  • Today we have created a vehicle to help people create their own 6 & 7 figure a year income under our umbrella.
  • Today we have created a business where people have been able to leave their job and create a full time income from home.
  • Today we have built a business where people have been able to travel the world, work from home and create true work life balance.
  • Today we have built a business where we can see real growth and personal development in individuals.
  • Today we have created a business which employs a work force of over 20 people who help support our franchisee’s and affiliates.
  • Today we have created a business which has partnered with major blue chip UK companies and organisations.
  • Tomorrow we have so much coming…

All of this has been extremely satisfying and rewarding for Steve and myself, in many ways, and yet we are still only just beginning.

Our plan and vision for the next 5 years is very strong.

As we add capable staff to our organisation we are able to implement some of our new idea’s and concepts and expand our business far and wide.

So, back to the question – What do I do?

I work harder than ever. Steve and I have huge responsibility on our shoulders.

Instead of being a distributor of someone else’s business I am now a co owner of Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise.

Along with my friend and business partner we run this great success story along with our dedicated staff, franchisee’s and affiliates.

This keeps me busy, keeps my phone ringing and keeps me awake at night (with excitement of course)…

You would think now that I have a “proper business” people would now know what I do, yet I am not sure many are any the wiser.

Does it matter?

Not really, but it gave me a topic to write a blog about as I haven’t done one for a bit.

If you are interested in speaking with me about our travel opportunity then please do not hesitate to get in touch…

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I am excited and confident that together, we can do something amazing!