On stage in Recife, Brazil


Night out in Las Vegas with our friends Bev and Cliff - my MLM mentor


Enjoying dinner with Yvette and Steve - Number 76 MLM income earner in the world!


On stage in front of hundreds of people in Russia


At my parents cafe in Spain with my Russian leaders

Paul Harrison with Les Brown

Paul with friend & legendary motivational speaker Les Brown

I can’t deny that my whole success has been built around the amazing industry of multi-level (MLM) or network marketing. For me the correct term for the industry is relationship marketing because that is what it is all about, building relationships with people.

Having acquired certain knowledge and skills I have been able to build teams of tens of thousands of people, travel the world and make friends around the globe.

The money I have made has changed my life, and that of my family, and it has allowed me to set up other businesses which have added to my success.

To me, network marketing is making the most of the assets available to reach every nook and cranny of the globe. It’s building great, bulletproof, teams to ensure swift success. It’s working together and building a brand to become its very best and it’s creating enviable, recurring incomes along with unlimited success.

That is my experience of network marketing and it’s an experience shared by every person I’ve worked with in the industry.

I do strongly believe that anyone with ambition, an open mind and a desire to succeed can benefit from network marketing. In fact, I’m making it my own personal mission to prove it.

I’ve set myself a goal to make 1000 people rich, independently, through following my advice that comes from first-hand experience.

As I’ve mentioned I don’t believe in luck, I believe in facts and figures and delivering results. If I, from an ordinary background in Liverpool can achieve my seven-figure earnings with no formal education, so can you.

Consider the Successful

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Paul as a Guest Speaker

If you still have reservations about the term, “network marketing” break it down a little. Think of the rich and successful, think of any brand or business and then consider the team they have around them.

No entrepreneur goes it alone, as Richard Branson says, every entrepreneur has a great team behind them and this is exactly what the network in network marketing is. It’s a team, whether you’re part of that team or building that team, you’re taking advantage of a network, using the skills of the people around you to bring the best results, turn the highest figures for all.

Marketing of course, is simply getting the word out there, letting people know about the product or service we’re promoting. Good network marketers adopt a blanket approach to make sure no one escapes the news of the service or product but of course, we can’t do that alone. We can’t reach every corner of the globe, we can’t speak 99 languages and we can’t understand the different customs and etiquette of over 200 countries, so we utilise our network!

I like to think that it’s a deep understanding of network marketing combined with foresight and a gift for recognising opportunities that has led to my current success, yet I must give credit to the teams around me. Through combined efforts, my teams have enjoyed incredible returns and I’ll never stop getting a buzz from team members that become millionaires.

It could of course be you too; you could be doing as I do by utilising my skills and systems to bring you the big income you crave.

If you do have a desire to be bigger and better than your peers, to make real money and to enjoy a recurring income, get in touch today, I’m always looking for my next prodigy.

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With friends at dinner in Brazil
With friend & translator Juri in Angarsk, Siberia
Signing autographs on stage in Brazil
On stage with my team in Sofia, Bulgaria
With the lovely ladies from Rostov On Don
With friend & legendary motivational speaker Les Brown
With Sergey In Siberia…. At -40 degrees
Paul As Guest Speaker

  • Paul has played a huge role in my MLM career. As my personal sponsor Paul positioned over 5000 people in my business which helped me make commissions of over $250,000 in under two years

    Andrew S, Russia
  • I first met Paul as one of my up line leaders but now he is my friend. I have worked on many projects with him and helped arrange his travels when he flew to 10 cities in Brazil on one of his trips

    Waldemir Ribiero, Brazil
  • Working with Paul was always fun and he arranged for myself and my leaders to attend a company convention by hiring a 7 bedroom Florida villa so that we could all attend. It was an amazing 5 days and gave us all a chance to meet with Paul in person. We still collaborate today some 10 years later

    David Senft, CEO Multiple Businesses, Canada

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