9th Millionaires Retreat

In 2013 my business partner and I came up with the idea of having an international retreat where we take our franchisee’s away somewhere exotic and share with them business building tips and advice, which we have accumulated over many years.

Our first Millionaires Retreat was held in a $2M villa in Mijas Costa, Spain with 10 franchisee’s.

This pioneering, cosy week was the start of something which over the last 3 years has grown beyond recognition.

In 30 days time, we hold our 9th Millionaires Retreat at the Barcello Hotel, Marbella. Nearly 50 of our franchisee’s will arrive in Spain making that well over 250 in total that have attended a Millionaires Retreat.

The event has evolved with guest speakers including successful business owners, entrepreneurs, mentors and trainers – sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

For Steve and I the Millionaires Retreat has been a very enjoyable part of our business and something we are very proud of.

Sure, we have been to some amazing destinations and enjoyed the sun, but what we have really enjoyed is the learning and growth in those who attend – which includes our own staff, and ourselves.

There is no doubt that being an entrepreneur is an amazing life choice and no matter who you are there is always more you can learn.

We cannot wait to get out to Spain again to continue to help those who have chosen to be our business partners.

What do I do?

I left my bank job in 1999 and I bet since then people have been asking… “just what does Paul do?”

About 2 years ago I put a post on Facebook asking that very same question and reading the answers that came in was fascinating.

In 1999 I entered the world of Network Marketing (MLM) and started what would be a 15 year career.

Many people do not really know what MLM is and what does it mean to be a distributor.

I guess people probably thought I was a pyramid salesman or something of the like.

It’s been fed back to me that people have often asked… “How come Paul doesn’t work?”

I smile when I hear this and feel like calling them to share how I probably work ten times harder then they do. However instead of going to work, I work from my purpose built home office (pictured).

I choose to work with who I want to, when I want and how I want.

When I first met Jo, she asked me what I do, and to be fair I struggled telling her in a way that was really clear.

I guess being a home based distributor of a global direct sales company is not as clear an answer as you might expect.

If memory serves me, I remember saying I was like an Avon rep, but with a different company 🙂

So that was my MLM career. A career where I was a distributor, a company owner, a corporate Director and then back to distributor.

A career which saw me earn a 7 figure income by helping others achieve success.

A career in which I travelled the world, helped thousands of people, had amazing experiences and made many friendships along the way.

But now I have a different career.

In 2010 my friend asked me to help him set up a Franchise Division for his travel agency. It was an idea he had just had, and he needed someone to build the business with him. My track record in recruitment, training and business was there for him to see and so we started to build what has today become one of the success stories of the UK travel industry.

The first couple of years I did this whilst still being involved in MLM until such a time as I could really see the potential of what we were building and what we could do together.

This led me to the major decision to give up my 15 year MLM career and what was at the time a five figure monthly income – to focus full time on building The Travel Franchise.

Having tasted success in others people’s businesses this was different. This was a business which we had started and built with our own hands.

This was a business which was completely our intellectual property. Our idea’s, our making.

  • Today we have over 250 franchisee’s and that figure will rise to 750 over the next few years.
  • Today we have created a vehicle to help people create their own 6 & 7 figure a year income under our umbrella.
  • Today we have created a business where people have been able to leave their job and create a full time income from home.
  • Today we have built a business where people have been able to travel the world, work from home and create true work life balance.
  • Today we have built a business where we can see real growth and personal development in individuals.
  • Today we have created a business which employs a work force of over 20 people who help support our franchisee’s and affiliates.
  • Today we have created a business which has partnered with major blue chip UK companies and organisations.
  • Tomorrow we have so much coming…

All of this has been extremely satisfying and rewarding for Steve and myself, in many ways, and yet we are still only just beginning.

Our plan and vision for the next 5 years is very strong.

As we add capable staff to our organisation we are able to implement some of our new idea’s and concepts and expand our business far and wide.

So, back to the question – What do I do?

I work harder than ever. Steve and I have huge responsibility on our shoulders.

Instead of being a distributor of someone else’s business I am now a co owner of Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise.

Along with my friend and business partner we run this great success story along with our dedicated staff, franchisee’s and affiliates.

This keeps me busy, keeps my phone ringing and keeps me awake at night (with excitement of course)…

You would think now that I have a “proper business” people would now know what I do, yet I am not sure many are any the wiser.

Does it matter?

Not really, but it gave me a topic to write a blog about as I haven’t done one for a bit.

If you are interested in speaking with me about our travel opportunity then please do not hesitate to get in touch…

Working with a coach has been unbelievable…

Since 2006 my business career has really taken off and anyone who knew me then and can see me now will testify that I am a changed person…

…and I don’t just mean I have put on a few pounds – or stone even.

For the last 17 years I have plied my trade in the Network Marketing (MLM) industry.

A huge part of that industry is about personal development and I have embraced this aspect for many years.

I remember way back in 1999 I used to attend as many trainings as possible, not just to learn about the product but all of the personal development stuff which I found fascinating.

As my career grew, and indeed I grew, I became the teacher.

I would be the person conducting the trainings and teaching others all about the business, the industry and indeed, personal development.

In my career I have been fortunate to have many mentors and people to learn from.

In MLM this typically starts with your sponsor and your upline leaders and then as you start to attend company events you get exposed to key note speakers and the like – which again, I loved.

I have been very fortunate to travel the world, as an MLM leader training many thousands of people.

My first International training was in Sofia, Bulgaria to just 18 people – which was very intense at the time, I have to say I loved every minute.

I have spoken in front of hundreds of people in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia and in front of thousands in Russia.

Some of the world class speakers I have seen are T.Harv Ecker, Les Brown and soon Tony Robbins – which will be extra special as myself and Steve my business partner are official sponsors of his Unleash The Power Within weekend here in the UK – we are very excited and proud of this, as you can imagine.

All of this learning and development has helped me enormously in my career. It has helped shape me into the person I am today – however it has typically all been by unqualified people, if that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, some of my teachers/mentors have made millions but they are not qualified coaches they are MLM leaders who do training as part of the job so to speak.

Recently at our company conference we invited a qualified coach to be a key note speaker. An individual who regularly appears on TV, in the national press and has some very successful clients.

In getting to know her and then see her in action I made it my business to be her next client and what a decision that was – even if I do say so myself.

As I say, I have done well in my business career, I have made a ton of money, I have trained tens of thousands of people around the world but this was all school of life training. I absolutely do not pretend to know how the mind works, how our bodies work, how and why we do what we do etc.

If you know me, you know I am not an intellect. I got 1 GCSE at school and that was English Language – which I am sure I got for being English 🙂


For the last 2 months I have been having regular coaching sessions with my “coach” and I have got to tell you the results have been astounding!!!

The best way I can describe it to you is like this…

I thought I knew who I was, what I was about, and how I ticked.

I now know I had no idea.

I now know that when I first met with Becki (my coach) It was like I had a jigsaw in my brain of me – Paul Harrison.

And this jigsaw was only 40% complete.

Having had 8 or 9 sessions (yes, thats all) I feel like the jigsaw is now 60% complete.

I feel that I have learnt SOOOOOO much about myself in these short weeks.

For example. I did not really know what a personal value was and the role they play in our life.

When we set about seeing what my values were Becki asked me to tell her.

As you can imagine I came up with a load of words which I thought were values… success, ethics etc – all stuff I thought sounded good and would impress her, but the reality was I did not really know what they were never mind know what mine were.

By the way… now I do 🙂

I now know what my personal values are and why I am like I am. Why I react to certain things like I do and why certain things effect me the way they do – all in relation to my personal values.

At the moment we are working on beliefs and my belief system.

This is mind blowing stuff to be learning for the first time.

In the last couple of months I have been a changed man.

Jo has noticed how much happier I am… and I am a happy kind of guy generally.

I am calmer, more level – because I can be a bit emotional from time to time.

I am in control more, I am thinking differently, and I can’t wait until my next session – I am like a kid on Christmas morning.

When you work with someone like this who can teach you about yourself, never mind generic business stuff, it is mind blowing and the impact is amazing.

I can honestly say that I recommend each and every one of you reading this to give some thought to engaging a coach of your own – and working with them on personal or business matters. It is worth every penny and minute spent.

I am so glad that I was open to this type of help and I know it will change me for the better.

If you want to get in touch with my coach her name is Becki Houlston and her website is www.beckihoulston.com

Until next time…






2015 has been an unbelievable year…

In 1999 I set out on my entrepreneurial journey.

I left the “security” of having a job and started my career in direct sales and ultimately business ownership.

The journey has been tough at times. Real high’s of course but some devastating lows.

I do believe that people see your success and think everything is easy and “it’s easy for you”. I really feel like slapping them hard and having them wake up and get a sense of reality.

Life is tough, no matter what course you take – job, self employment, entrepreneurship or anything else.

And you have to be tough… especially mentally.

Between 2006-2008 I made my first million dollars.

Life was great.

Then in 2009 I lost it all plus went into debt – to the tune of about $500K

This is when I learnt 90% of my life lessons.

This is when I learnt about myself.

I get very frustrated day to day when I hear people whinge and moan about the smallest things in life. They just complain about anything, make excuses, justify their own failings.

This applies to people in my business, people I see on social media, people in my personal circles… everyone really.

If you want to succeed in life you MUST work on your attitude towards these things.

Everyone has the same conditions.

Have you ever been involved in a business opportunity of any description.

Typically it is absolutely the same for everyone.

Everyone pays the same amount to join, gets the same opportunity, has the same amount of hours in the day, has the same weather etc, etc.

and yet…

… some people make millions and some can’t make their money back.


Is it the opportunity or the individual?

Here’s my answer.

How can it be the opportunity if others are succeeding. And I don’t just mean one or two I mean many. And I don’t just mean making their money back I mean changing their lives.

If they can do it then it can be done so it HAS to be down to the individual.

Luckily I realised this many years ago and even in the lowest times, I knew that I cannot blame what has happened to me, my circumstances or situation, I have to earn my way out of this.

So my message in this blog is stop whinging, stop moaning, stop being a victim. Stop making excuses and looking for the easy way out.

Man up, wake up and grow a pair.

Life is not easy, its not fair and at some point its gonna bite you.

Its not what happens that is important its how you react.

But on the flip side life can be so good, so rewarding and you can be so happy.

In my own business I have been working with people this last week on creating a vision for themselves.

On creating a 5 year vision with a plan and strategy to execute.

A document full of hope, heart and character – not numbers, wishes and projections.

2015 has been a pretty good year for me on a business level and I think 2016 will be one of my “breakthrough years” as I call them. A stand out year that I will look back on in time and say – wow, that was when things really got exciting.

My hope for you is that you can get to a place when you just know, in your heart of hearts that good things are coming. You just know that you are in control and are writing your own script.

Its not gonna be easy but its possible.

As my friend Les Brown famously said – “If you want an easy life do what is hard, if you want a hard life do what is easy”

Have a great day my friends 🙂

Our first Elite Experience takes place tomorrow…

Tomorrow afternoon over 20 of us will fly out from Heathrow for our first Travel Consultant Elite Experience in Dubai.

On our flight we will be guests of Etihad Airways, and then VIP guests of our two hotels – we will be staying at Fairmont The Palm for 5 days and 2 days at Banyan Tree Al Wadi Ras Al Khaimah.

We will enjoy hosted dinners as VIP guests of our two hotels as well as Atlantis The Palm. In addition we will be enjoying a guided city tour, a Dhow river cruise and will be corporate VIP guests at the Dubai Rugby Sevens on finals day next Saturday.

The real reason for the trip though is so that our Travel Consultants can learn how to take themselves and their business to the next level and make 2016 a breakthrough year in their lives.

Fancy making a living booking people’s holidays?


How much time do you really have?

The graphic illustration I have used in this post fascinated me when I first saw it.

Before we look at how much time we really have, lets look at what we do with our time each week.

The graphic says we sleep for 56 hours each week… although I think I sleep longer than that! So lets say that out of the 168 hours in a week we are asleep for approximately one third of it, which means obviously, that we are awake for two thirds.

It says out of the approx 100 waking hours that we work 40 hours, but when you factor into this equation getting ready for work and travelling to work, its fair to say that half of our waking week is spent travelling to or in work.


Half the time you are awake you are in or travelling to work.

That’s pretty deep, and pretty depressing.

I hope you love your job!

Most people do not go to work because they want to work, they go because this is how they have chosen to generate income. The job is the vehicle they have chosen to make money.

I look back to when I had a job, many years ago.

I used to work for a major High Street bank here in the UK and I worked there for 10 long, miserable years.

I cannot believe now, looking back, that what I chose to do for half my waking week caused me so much misery.

I hated the job, the salary, the lack of time off, my boss, the customers, my colleagues – I hated everything about it, and yet this job was the dominating part of my life and dictated pretty much everything else in my life!!!

Luckily for me I opened my mind up to new possibilities and when I discovered something I thought I could succeed at, I had the courage to have a go.

Q: Is your job or what you do for a living the right vehicle for you?

Will you achieve your dreams with this vehicle?

Does it make you happy?

Will you look back in 10 years time with regret at how you are spending this period of your life?

The challenge for most people is that they believe they do not have time to do something else.

So lets get back to the graphic.

It states that after sleeping, eating, working and commuting that we have 37 hours a week which for most people is recreation time.

This is the time we spend watching the TV, playing on our iPads or laptops or wasting hours on end on Facebook and the like…

Q: Can you put this time to better use.

With most business opportunities that are around today, you do not have to risk everything, quit work and go all in from day one. Quite the opposite.

Typically you get started part time, learn what you need to do, work on your skills and personal development and then, once you are making money you have a choice.

Wow thats a powerful word isn’t it?


There are not many people who get to make choices in life.

Shall I work today, play golf, go shopping or go to lunch with the wife?

Not many people get to have this choice, especially on a daily or regular basis.

So here is another question: Can you spare some of those 37 hours a week to strategically work in a new vehicle for income generation which if you get right could potentially mean you lose the job, gain half your waking week back, and can potentially be in a much stronger financial position which will give you choice?

Can you spare 15 hours a week to achieve this?

I remember a famous quote from Les Brown: “If you want a hard life do what is easy. If you want an easy life do what is hard“.

The world is changing fast right now.

Entrepreneurship is the new way. A better way.

Old school thinking that a job gives you security is wrong – in my opinion.

If I was starting out now at 18 here is what I would say to myself:

  • Do not waste time
  • Learn as much as you can as fast as you can
  • Get around successful people and stick to them like glue
  • Take action… always be taking action
  • Have faith and confidence in your own ability
  • Have a plan, a goal and know your WHY. Know exactly WHY you do what you do.
  • Never take NO for an answer
  • Learn how to communicate – your ability to communicate will dictate what life you have, in business relationships, family, everything.
  • Create multiple income streams – do not have all your egg’s in one basket
  • Get everything in writing – trust no-one, because people change
  • “Its not what you make its what you keep” – I give this advice as a frivolous spender!
  • Trust in the universe –  what goes around comes around
  • Develop a thick skin
  • Do not listen to other peoples opinion – : “A lion doesn’t care what the sheep says of him”
  • There will be haters, dream stealers and jealous people along the way
  • Never, ever, ever , ever quit

The list could be endless.

Back to the graphic.

Look at it again.

Think what you do each week. Consider how will you think about this period of your life, in 10 years time – will you be proud of the choices you are making right now, or do you think you will want to come back and throttle yourself?

I hope this blog encourages you to HAVE A GOSEE WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF… and get control of your life back.

I did it, so can YOU!

and if you need a vehicle to get started with, get in touch straight away, I will be happy to talk 🙂



Paul Harrison

Entrepreneur | Company Owner | MLM Leader | Published Author


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Our Latest Millionaires Retreat

In Summer 2013 my business partner and myself came up with the idea of taking our franchisee’s on an international training retreat.

This would be a chance to get away from the distractions of the UK and spend some quality time at a mastermind training where we could teach them valuable insights and skills that will help them take their business to the next level.

This week we have just returned from our latest and greatest Millionaires Retreat which we held at The Barcelo Hotel, Marbella.

30 of our latest franchisee’s have had an amazing 5 days in the sun and have learnt some invaluable information, not just from Steve and myself but also from other successful speakers and our hard working staff members.

To-date we have invested over £100,000 taking over 100 franchisee’s to destinations such as Marbella, Tunisia, Lanzarote, Egypt and Marrakesh. Each one gets bigger and better we I for one cannot wait for the next one to come along.

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