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I’ll show you how to break free
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About Me

Sometimes I have to pinch myself as to how my business career has evolved.

From an early age I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit, selling crisps to all my classmates in the school playground.

However when I left school I fell in to the trap so many make… employment. What a mistake this was.

But fortunately, after ten years of working for someone else I started to work on my future and my entrepreneurial journey began.

I would love to tell you it was all success, but I would be lying if I did.

The first few years were tough as I did not have the knowledge, skills, or mindset that was required to succeed.

Eventually I met some mentors who helped me along and coupled with my own personal desire to succeed things began to change.

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The Change Book Series

The Change book series is creating a storm in the personal development industry. Paul was invited to co-author “The Change 6” with two incredible powerhouses in the personal development industry. His chapter entitled “Attitude is like a bad tyre, you can’t go anywhere without changing it” has had rave reviews from people around the world.

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Travel has always been an integral part of my professional and personal life and so it seems natural that I’d explore this avenue as a business. In my rich history I’ve profitably managed holiday clubs for premiership football teams and it’s this experience along with my passion for travel that lead me to taking the next step over 4 years ago.

Working within travel is a dream job for many and I wanted to make this dream accessible to anyone working from home. In every endeavour I’ve always opened opportunities up to everyone, as I truly do get a kick out of helping others achieve. I see absolutely no reason why anyone with the right passion can’t make millions working from their own home.

As you know, I built my success from a home office, and now, I’ve developed the skills and expertise to not only help others to follow in my footsteps but to enjoy this victory in travel.

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Outside our meeting room, 35 floors high in Dubai overlooking The Palm.
Jo and I outside Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
My second-in-command isn’t paying attention!
In the Olympic Village, Moscow
Jo and I enjoying Disneyland Paris
At Tivoli World in Spain, with Ethan
On my first trip to Russia, by the River Volga
On our first Travel Franchise Millionaires Retreat

Network Marketing

I can’t deny that my whole success has been built around the amazing industry of multi-level (MLM) or network marketing. For me the correct term for the industry is relationship marketing because that is what it is all about, building relationships with people.

Having acquired certain knowledge and skills I have been able to build teams of tens of thousands of people, travel the world and make friends around the globe.

The money I have made has changed my life, and that of my family, and it has allowed me to set up other businesses which have added to my success.

To me, network marketing is making the most of the assets available to reach every nook and cranny of the globe. It’s building great, bulletproof, teams to ensure swift success. It’s working together and building a brand to become its very best and it’s creating enviable, recurring incomes along with unlimited success.

That is my experience of network marketing and it’s an experience shared by every person I’ve worked with in the industry.

I do strongly believe that anyone with ambition, an open mind and a desire to succeed can benefit from network marketing. In fact, I’m making it my own personal mission to prove it.

I'm Ready!

With friends at dinner in Brazil
With friend & translator Juri in Angarsk, Siberia
Signing autographs on stage in Brazil
On stage with my team in Sofia, Bulgaria
With the lovely ladies from Rostov On Don
With friend & legendary motivational speaker Les Brown
With Sergey In Siberia…. At -40 degrees
Paul As Guest Speaker

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9th Millionaires Retreat

In 2013 my business partner and I came up with the idea of having an international retreat where we take our franchisee's away somewhere exotic and share with them business building tips and advice, which we have accumulated over many years. Our first Millionaires Retreat was held in a $2M

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What do I do?

I left my bank job in 1999 and I bet since then people have been asking... "just what does Paul do?" About 2 years ago I put a post on Facebook asking that very same question and reading the answers that came in was fascinating. In 1999 I entered the

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Working with a coach has been unbelievable…

Since 2006 my business career has really taken off and anyone who knew me then and can see me now will testify that I am a changed person... ...and I don't just mean I have put on a few pounds - or stone even. For the last 17 years I

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